Tripe, which is obtained from the stomach of the bovine, has its origins from a popular tradition. At that time the tripe was sold by the ancient “tripparoli” in the street, not yet been washed: therefore, it needed careful cleaning and long cooking. Nowadays, it is pre-cooked, to be easily enjoyed in just over an hour. In the 19th century the same Roman poet Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, with dialect poetry made by the famous singer, dedicated to Rome, celebrated with words the flavor of this dish with its long and laborious preparation, preferred by the people mainly for a Saturday lunch. The main feature of the Roman variant is the addition of pecorino and mint in tomato sauce. Today tradition would like to associate the real recipe with the name of Sora Lella, the Roman actress and sister of Aldo Fabrizi, a cuisine lover and the owner of the famous restaurant on the Tiber Island.

Ingredients for 1 kg of pre-cooked tripe: 80 grams of onions; 50 g of celery, 80 g of carrots: ½ glass of white wine; 300 grams of peeled tomatoes; 4 mint leaves; 150 grams of pecorino romano; 80 grams of pillow; 1 clove of garlic; extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Preparation time: 60 min.

Sauté the diced onion, garlic, carrots and celery in a saucepan, with the addition of the pillow; brown for a few minutes and add the tripe to the mixture with a glass of wine. Mix everything together, add the crushed peeled tomatoes and cook for another half an hour. Before turning off the heat, break and add the mint leaves which, according to your own taste, will be sprinkled again over the tripe with Roman pecorino – ready to taste.

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