The Domus Transitoria opens to the general public, the Emperor’s first residence in the heart of the Palatine.

After almost seventy years of closure, the complex of the Domus Transitoria al Palatino, the majestic palace of Nero before the fire of 64 AD, can be visited again from April on. Also this residence, like the more famous Domus Aurea, was built by the Emperor in luxury and with a sense of sensationalism: water, in particular, was the element that played a leading role here and the “nymphaeum”, whose architectural structure immediately catches the attention, it was this summer “specus” where Nero found relief above all in the summer. The itinerary is enriched both by multimedia technology, aimed at restoring the original effect of the environments, and by a lighting design, used above all on the points that suggest the richness of the complex in ancient times. And, again, a grand finale before the release: a video wall that offers the reconstruction of the fascinating wall and pictorial decorations of the Nero era. The visit route to the Domus Transitoria, curated by Alessandro D’Alessio, is part of the places you can visit with the exclusive ticket for Palatine and Roman Forum.

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