Situated between the Cinecittà and Quarto Miglio districts, the Appia Nuova and the Tuscolana, crossed by the route of the ancient Via Latina, the area of the Aqueducts up to the Torre del Fiscale and the Caffarella valley constitutes a unique landscaped path, which opens every day and can be visited on foot or by bicycle.

Created in collaboration with associations and operators specialized in naturalistic and cultural services, the intense program of discovery of the archaeological area near the via Tuscolana, where there are the remains of seven Roman aqueducts of the republican and imperial era, the area the green of Tor Fiscale and the two large agricultural estates of Tormarancia and Farnesiana, is dedicated to nature-loving visitors until the month of July.

A suggestive landscape, in which uncontaminated nature blends with the numerous historical, artistic and cultural testimonies, a real mini-journey through glimpses of ancient Roman ruins to be admired even at sunset and at night, to discover the luminous world of fireflies or the moon phases by telescope.

Among the events scheduled this month:

  • Saturday, 1 June, 7.45 p.m. and Wednesday, 5 June, 8 p.m., Passeggiata con le lucciole in Caffarella
  • Saturday, 8 June and Sunday, 9 June, Acquerelli al Parco, exhibition at the Torre del Fiscale Park;
  • Saturday, 15 June from 5.15 p.m. onwards in Piazzale San Policarpo, Tramonto sugli Acquedotti di Roma Antica;
  • Sunday, 22 June at 8.30 p.m. in via Lemonia, Racconti Notturni: tra Natura e Poesia, a candlelit itinerant walk.

PARCO DELL’APPIA ANTICA. Information on the complete programme, bike rental, guided tours: Tel. 065135316.

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