PARCO ARCHEOLOGICO DEL COLOSSEO. Palatino and Foro Romano. Opening hours: 9 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. Admission: full €16, reduced €13.50. The ticket, valid for 1 day, allows only one entry to the Colosseum and only one entrance to the Roman-Palatine Forum. Information and reservations: Tel. 0639967700.

The Archaeological Park of the Colosseum starts experimenting with a new integrated ticket to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, to which are added seven other unique places: Neronian Criptoportico, Palatine Museum, House of Augustus, House of Livia, Aula Isiaca with the Loggia Mattei, Temple of Romulus, Santa Maria Antiqua with the Oratory of the Forty Martyrs and the Ramp of Domitian.

Foro Romano-Palatino SUPER, which comes from the acronym Seven Unique Places to Experience in Rome, is a ticket that joins the ordinary one and that reveals to visitors the wonder of places accessible so far only by guided tour or during temporary exhibitions, like Santa Maria Antiqua and the Temple of Romulus. Furthermore, for the first time La Loggia Mattei is opened to the public with the Aula Isiaca and, the houses of Augustus and Livia, reopen with new multimedia devices that reveal all the secrets of the extraordinary decorations and pictorial patterns.

The visit itinerary, enriched with video projections, lightmapping, new popular media and fascinating virtual narratives, is free: the visitor who buys the special ticket is given a map of the archaeological area, on which are listed the seven places, their times and days of opening. Access to the Palatine Museum and the Neronian Criptoportico, which introduce and complete the articulated narration of these unique places in the world, is permitted to all holders of the new ticket while, for other sites, entry is possible until exhaustion of available seats.

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