This is the most famous meat-based second-course dish of Italian cuisine right after spaghetti, in its typically Roman variant.

The distinctive form is that of a stretched slice of meat, but many prefer to roll the mixture giving it the form of an open roll, and always stuffed with raw ham and sage. The recipe has undergone numerous changes throughout the years, in some cases adding variations such as the smearing of the veal slice, without however changing the essence of the original dish, so extremely simple in its preparation, presentation and taste.

Ingredients for 4 people: 8 slices of veal; 8 slices of ham; 8 sage leaves; 70 grams of butter; salt and black pepper; ¾ glass of wine.

Preparation time: 30 minutes approx.

The slices of veal should be flattened by placing them on a base or a cutting board. They must be very thin and not weigh more than 70 grams each. On each slice the ham and a sage leaf must be spread, fixing the open roll with a toothpick. Heat the butter in a pan by dissolving it completely and place the rolls for cooking, not exceeding 3 minutes for each slice and finally adding a little white wine, salt and pepper. Remove the meat from the pan and leave in place the remaining sauce which must be added to the plate over the rolls.

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