One of the most famous recipes of Roman cuisine is that of fried cod fillets, an ideal dish for every occasion, to serve as an appetizer or as the main course. It is a dish which is present in all the pizzerias or restaurants of Rome, preferred in many circumstances as street food, which has become an exclusive delicacy in some historical and non-historical places, which have maintained the tradition without distorting the preparation. Famous is the small local Dar filettaro in Santa Barbara which is located a few steps from Campo de’ Fiori: you eat this specialty accompanied by good wine, sitting at small wooden tables wrapped in paper, in the charming square of Largo dei Librari. The secret of the dish is to fry the good quality cod battered without adding yeast and egg. The lightness of the result will also be given by the use of mineral water in the preparation of this batter, which should absolutely not be replaced with beer.

Ingredients for 10 fillets: 50 grams of flour; mineral water, seed oil; a pinch of salt and pepper, 300 gr of cod.

Preparation time: about 10 minutes, in case of already desalted cod. Wash the desalted cod in cold water and cut it into strips of about 3 cm wide. Let it rest while preparing the batter. This will be made by mixing enough flour and mineral water to obtain a smooth, fluid and lump-free sauce. Heat the seed oil in abundance in a tall saucepan and, when boiling, fry the cod fillets previously sautéed in the batter.

Do not keep them cooking for more than 10 minutes. Finally, let them drain on absorbent paper before serving them on a hot plate with the addition of a pinch of pepper.

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