Il Maggetto is nothing more than the first day of the month celebrated in company and with a trip out of town, accompanied by a packed lunch.

The dishes that tradition favors for the occasion are simple and fresh, not processed, until today based on Pecorino cheese and fave -broad beans- strictly Roman and from the Lazio Region.

Both fresh and cooked products are widely consumed since ancient times. The broad beans were preferred by the lower middle classes, being a legume rich in proteins, fibers, salts and vitamins. Part of a very long gastronomic tradition, typically Roman, the beans find an ideal partner in the Pecorino cheese.

Historical sources trace the presence of this cheese back to the daily life of the Sabine populations at least two thousand years ago. Considered the right seasoning during banquets in the imperial palaces of Ancient Rome, its capacity for long conservation made it a staple food during the journeys of the Roman legions, as an integration of bread and to spelled soup, easily digestible. The current production area of Pecorino Romano includes Lazio (excluding Rieti), Tuscany (Grosseto) and, above all, Sardinia, which hosts 90% of the dairies concentrated mainly in the province of Nuoro.

Now that we’ve revealed the secrets of the main part of this tasty lunch for the Roman Maggetto, we mustn’t forget to accompany the meal based on Pecorino cheese with a “tear”, fresh and tender broad beans, pancetta, homemade bread and red wine of good quality.

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