Opening on 7, 8, 21 September
From this year on, there’s one Saturday a month to walk in the Garden of Ninfa accompanied by professional actors who will tell the charm of this place through the words of poets and writers.

With eight hectares of garden and over 1.300 different plants and flowers, magnolias, palis iris marshes and an incredible variety of Japanese maples, the Garden of Ninfa is the National Monument par excellence of the Lazio Region, an historic garden of international fame.

This complex owes its name to a Roman temple dedicated to the Naiadi Nymphs, built near the present garden. It was Emperor Constantine V in the 8th century who granted Pope Zaccaria this fertile place which became increasingly important both as a natural wonder and as a strategic point, because it allowed people to reach Rome when the Via Appia was still covered by marshes. Ninfa became an inhabited center from the 11th century and, for over seven centuries, enjoyed the protection of the Caetani, who expanded the castle, added the curtain wall, built the tower and the baronial palace. The city reached its maximum splendor but, at the end of the 14th century, it was sacked, destroyed and never built up again. Today the ruins and the “garden of delights” remain, which noble personalities continued to heal throughout the centuries, so that it could come to us in all its wonder.

GIARDINO DI NINFA. Via Provinciale Ninfina, 68 Cisterna di Latina (LT). Opening hours: 9-12 a.m. and 2.30-6 p.m. valid only on public opening days. Admission is regulated exclusively by guided tours. Each visit starts at the entrance about every 10 minutes. 300 visitors can enter at each time slot. Admission: via online booking €15 + €0.50 online presale.

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