Opening in Rome the first multimedia museum, which is interactive and fully dedicated to moving art.

Hundreds of films and archived films, documents, photographs, interviews, spots, backstage, graphics and radio: a 120-year long tangible and intangible heritage of visual civilization brought to life and filled with emotions to stimulate the senses and perceptions of the visitors.

The MIAC, Italian Museum of the Audiovisual and Cinema, was designed by the architect Francesco Karrer inside the Cinecittà Studios, in an area of 1650 sqm and in the building that was once the headquarters of the Laboratory of Development and Press.

To honor the place the mythical conveyor belt is been shown, the original roller of over 40 meters which, for decades, has transported the films processing in these rooms. Today it is the backbone of the Museum together with the Timeline, a wall of over 30 meters of animated graffiti that summarizes the dates and events of the history of the audiovisual sector. The museum itinerary then develops in 12 main rooms and each room explores a theme through visual and sound materials accompanied by textual devices and installations which can be tested.

The MIAC, curated by Gianni Canova, Gabriele D’Autilia, Enrico Menduni and Roland Sejko, is born as a structure in progress, a start-up that will host, over time, also temporary exhibitions, projections, meetings and training activities.

MIAC – Museo italiano dell’audiovisivo e del cinema. Via Tuscolana, 1055. Information: Tel. 0672293269. Opening hours: open every day from 9.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. (ticket office closes at 4.30 p.m.). Admission: full €10, reduced €8.

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