MACRO. Via Nizza, 138. Information Tel. 06696271. Admission: free.

A new device designed by Giorgio de Finis will transform the MACRO, for 15 months, into a real living organism, “hospitable” and interconnected (like a nursery)
An experimental project will characterize the Macro of via Nizza until 31 December 2019, an invitation to meet and collaborate between people, knowledge, and disciplines following a logic of continuous openness and participation to the city and to people.
We are talking about “Macro Asilo”, designed by Giorgio de Finis in close collaboration with the Palaexpo Special Estate and the Sovrintendenza Capitolina.
To allow this exciting project, a total reorganization and definition of the museum spaces has been started, with an installation created by the architect Carmelo Baglivo.
Entering the museum, the public will be able to freely and randomly go through the many different environments: among these the “Salone del forum”, where a selection of the works of the collection will be presented with a large picture gallery, a sort of “visual” invitation to collaborate and to be together; in the middle of this hall, the “Tavolo dei tavoli” , a living space created for the occasion by Michelangelo Pistoletto.
Among the new rooms to be crossed and lived, the one dedicated to “Romes” (plural name like in cities), the “room of words”, dedicated to the vocabulary of the contemporary, that of “reading”, the “room of media and radio” and the “workrooms”, which are four twin spaces designed for the artists who will make a work inside the museum.
In addition, three “environments” of artists, workrooms that will host participated projects, installations, performances, adding, over time, other 50 themed environments that will add up to those initially proposed by the new and innovative museum. All at free admission.

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