LUNEURPARK. Via delle Tre Fontane, 100. Opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.. Admission: until 7 January access to the “Regno di Natale” included in the ticket, unlimited rides €18. Information: Tel. 0645680112.

The Luneur, the oldest mechanical entertainment park in Italy, is designed for children and as a garden full of magic: il Giardino delle Meraviglie.
Its main feature is the preservation of the environment and, especially, of the arboreal heritage of the area, rich of 340 species on 7 hectares of park surrounded by greenery, only 5 km from the city center. You”ll find about 25 attractions, 2 adventure paths and a Fantasy one, 4 creative labs, a sensational labyrinth, an educational 7D cinema to play with “Natura nella Terra delle Farfalle” and a roleplay in English.

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