From September 19 to 22 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni the 6th edition of the event that brings to Rome world premieres and live cinema performances presented for the first time in the capital.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni is hosting some great cinema, eight unpublished performances in Italy or realized in real-time, accompanied by screenings, workshops and a cast of internationally renowned artists for an immersive experience, one of its kind. Machines, art and technology all merge to spread new messages: many directors are the spokesmen of this initiative presenting “Live Cinema”, an experimental narrative technique that gives brings to life the simultaneous creation of sounds and images in real-time, using different techniques in order to create a final content that is the result of improvisation, creativity and the ability of artists.

PALAZZO DELLE ESPOSIZIONI. Via Nazionale, 194. Information, opening hours and the complete programme of the exhibition: Tel. 0639967500.

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