Every evening until 3 November, two innovative multimedia shows by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano tell the story of the Forum of Caesar and the Forum of Augustus.
Starting from stones, fragments and columns present and with the use of avant-garde technologies, spectators are accompanied by the voice of Piero Angela and magnificent films and projections that are reconstructing the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar as they used to appear in the ancient Rome.
An exciting and at the same time rich representation of information with great historical and scientific rigor.
“Viaggi nell’antica Roma” are two routes promoted by Roma Capitale,Assessorato alla Crescita culturale – Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali and produced by Zètema Culture Project. The conception and care are by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano with the collaboration of Gaetano Capasso and the Direzione Scientifica della Sovrintendenza Capitolina.

FORO DI AUGUSTO E FORO DI CESARE.Via Alessandrina and Foro Traiano, near the Trajan Column. Opening Hours: Forum of Augustus until 31 August performances at 9 p.m. at 10 p.m.and 11 p.m.; Forum of Caesar until May 31st shows from 9 p.m. to 11.40 p.m. every 20 minutes. Admission: single full show €15, reduced €10; combined full €25, reduced €17. Available in 8 languages. Information: Tel. 060608.

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