Directly from the USA, Matteo Zed, a true cocktail guru, takes care of and supervises an unprecedented American-inspired format, where the ‘amaro’ is the peak bitter spirit and stops being a simple digestive drink, becoming thus the main player of the drink.

So the first Amaro bar of Europe arrives right in the center of Rome, in via di Ripetta, with “Il Marchese. Osteria – Mercato – Liquori “, which during daytime becomes a real “piazza” and in the evening, it offers almost 500 different labels on a drink list based on a bitter taste with around 30 different brands every month.
For sure, the Marchese is the new way of being together in today’s Rome, it is the place to eat well and to have quality drinks, giving honour even to the happy hour or the after dinner. In Osteria the true original element is the presence of a market at the inside and a chef who leaves the kitchen to choose from there the ingredients to be used at the moment, the same that customers or who passes by, can buy: flowers, bags of flour, coffee, bread, fruit and vegetables, strictly of the current season. You can have lunch in a corner of the market with different formulas for lunchtime, a come-back of the aperitif, dinner at the table or at the marble counter. To the latecomers, a bitter cocktail with matching tapas will be offered, and they can listen in the background to Deep music of the nineteenth-century selected by the DJ.
The Osteria is the temple of the legendary Marchese del Grillo who inspires the environment and it is the most authentic wing of the restaurant, the favourite gathering of Gasperino il carbonaro, the space in which to live the life of the market trampling on the cobblestones such as those of Campo de’ Fiori.
The Amaro bar, on the other hand, launches a new trend in our continent: after several years abroad and international experiences, Matteo Zed, formerly Bar Supervisor of Joe Bastianich at Del Posto at New York, Head Mixologist from Zuma (also in New York) and Beverage Specialist in the Giorgio Armani Restaurant on 5th Avenue in New York, passing through the Black Tail of the boys of Death Rabbit, is betting now that this new trend will make it in Italy.

IL MARCHESE. OSTERIA –MERCATO-LIQUORI. Via di Ripetta, 162. Opening hours: Every day from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Information and reservations: Tel 0690218872

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