AUDITORIUM CONCILIAZIONE. Via della Conciliazione, 4. Opening hours: shows in the afternoon at 7 and 6 p.m., evening at 8 and 9 p.m.. Please find the complete calendar at Information and reservations: Tel. 066832256. Admision: from €12 to €28. Shows in both Italian and English.

A 60-minute show will make the audience travel back in time, we are pulled back to Rome in the year 1508, a real masterpiece, and the story is told by the main characters of that time, the torments of the genius, the fresco of the Genesis, the secret place of the Pope’s election, an immersion in the absolute beauty of the eternal work of Michelangelo, the Last Judgment: Il Giudizio Universale.
This show, conceived by Marco Balich and in collaboration with singer Sting for the sound tracks and realized with the help of the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums, aims to be an important appointment for art lovers and a must-see for the millions of Italian and international visitors who choose every year to come to Rome as the destination of their journey through the Nation of beauty.
The innovative format combines the philological story of the Genesis of a masterpiece with the most sophisticated technological tools of today’s live entertainment. The physical action of the theatrical performance meets the immaterial magic of special effects and the most advanced technology puts itself at service of a story with words and images, never seen before. The immersion with 270° projections drag the viewer into the very center of the event, where the main character is the Sistine Chapel herself, one of the most incredible places in the history of art, and we could even state, in the world.
GIUDIZIO UNIVERSALE. A show by Marco Balich. Music by Sting. Co-directed by Lulu Helbek. Set design STUFISH Entertainment Architects. Video design Luke Halls. Lighting Bruno Poet and Rob Halliday. Music John Metcalfe. Sound design Mirko Perri. Choreographies Fotis Nikolaou. Costumes by Giovanna Buzzi. Theatrical supervision Gabriele Vacis. Dialogues Luca Speranzoni. Voice of Michelangelo Pierfrancesco Favino.

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