A stroll in the green, almost a kilometer long, which travels through more than 1500 years of history

After eighteen years a path has been reopened along the slopes that, from the Palatine, reaching out towards the Circus Maximus, a strongly symbolic itinerary, located just where Romulus founded the city in BC 753 and where, earlier, as legend goes, the wolf nursed the twin brothers.

Myth, history and nature will accompany as such the visitor along a path that, even in the fifties of the last century, had bewitched extraordinary intellectuals, such as Albert Camus. And precisely his words are the best invitation for visiting: “This is how weighs Rome, but with a light and sensitive weight, you carry it on your heart like a body of fountains, gardens and domes, you breathe beneath her, a little oppressed but strangely happy … and then that marvelous hill of the Palatine, whose silence, peace, a world that is always new and perfect, so that I started to find myself”.

The Palatine holds one of the most extraordinary sightseeings of the Eternal City, one of its clearest expressions is contained in the wonderful words of Goethe who, during his visit to Rome in 1786, described the charm of the site at sunset like this: “Today I have been to the Pyramid of Cestius, and towards the evening on the Palatine, where the ruined walls rise, of the palace of the Caesars. It is not possible, I believe, to find the same view somewhere else”.

Today, again, the paths in the green on the slopes of the Palatine propose the modern visitor an unforgettable journey through space and time, a path at times immersed in complete silence, in an almost dreamlike atmosphere, where grass and thick bushes, trees and lush vegetation form a frame full of visual and olfactory suggestions that enhances the powerful witnesses of an unique archaeological area.

PALATINO. Via di San Gregorio, 30. Opening hours: every day 9.30 a.m.-1 p.m. Admission: full €12, reduced €7.50. Ticket valid 2 days allows a single entrance to the Coliseum and to Foro Romano-Palatino. For information and guided tours: Tel. 06.47497462.

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