Dedicated to the theme of the Earth and the relationship between man and Nature, the event scheduled from the evening of 31 December at the Circus Maximus will last 24 hours and will involve 5 locations.

Circus Maximus, Piazza dell’Emporio, Ponte Fabricio, Giardino degli Aranci and Piazza Bocca delle Verità will be conceived as ecosystems, five immersive environments in and around the Earth that will contaminate each other in the vast area available to the party. It all starts at 9.00 p.m. with Ascanio Celestini who, at the Circus Maximus, will tell an unpublished fairy tale written specifically for this event. With him on stage there will be the music of the Rustica X Band, directed by Pasquale Innarella, a large band of children and adolescents born in the non-profit social Cooperative “New Answers”. And, also, the Andalusian company Aerial Jockey Strada will take place on stage for the countdown, which, for the first time in Italy, will stage the aerial dance show Sylphes with music by the PMCE – Parco della Musica Ensemble, conducted by Tonino Battista. Immediately after the countdown, the pyrotechnic show made possible by the sponsorship of Acea and the 2-hour Dj Set by the famous English artist SKIN is scheduled, all at Circo Massimo.

La Festa di Roma will continue as a continuous flow on the first of January and, from the early hours of the afternoon, the 5 areas will be transformed into stages for artistic interventions of important international companies and for 18 site-specific events exclusively for the event. Do not miss the parades that, going through multiple environments, will have the task of reminding spectators that ecosystems touch and contaminate each other.

FESTA DI ROMA 2020. Information and the complete programme: Tel 060608. Admission: all events free.


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