PALAZZO DELLA CANCELLERIA. Piazza della Cancelleria. Opening hours: every day 9.30 a.m. – 7.30 p.m. Information: Tel. 0669887616.

Over 200 designed machines, 51 reconstructed and functioning models, 9 animated holograms and 4 thematic showcases make up the precious museum dedicated to the figure of the genius Leonardo da Vinci.
The extraordinary inventions of the Master have been materialized here and are ready to catapult the visitors to the era of the big Genius. All the exhibited machines, recreated and made out of wood can be touched and tried out. The presence of 9 animated holograms, have as a goal to draw the public even closer to the studies on flight, war, engineering and painting by Leonardo, projecting the machines in the space of the exhibition as if they were actually present. In this way the extraordinary inventions of Leonardo are materialized, catapulting the public into the time of the great genius.

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