September has arrived, which in fact still is summer in Rome and in the meanwhile however, the city starts to resume the rhythm of normal activities with many events and scheduled appointments. It is one of the most beautiful moments to come and visit us, while enjoying a climate which is usually almost perfect and has an atmosphere of widespread awakening from the summer heat that always corresponds to a touching sparkle of new energy. It’s the right moment to combine the discovery of the timeless beauty of our places of art and history with other more material and even “sensory” experiences. So forgive me the choice of words, first of all that of the confrontation with our food and wine. Because the knowledge of the most authentic taste of Rome also passes over the dinner table. In addition to the many proposals of our restaurants and local citizens – and in particular those enclosed in many Roman hotels, which thanks to the superior level of their chefs and barmen have now become real temples of good food and nice drinks – standing out, during September, is an appointment that food lovers cannot really miss: Taste of Rome. It is a public event hosted by the prestigious Auditorium Parco della Musica which from September 19 to 22 offers visitors the chance to taste unique dishes, to have fun with the creations of great chefs and to relax with friends, discovering in a single location the proposals of 14 magicians of Italian cuisine. And then I can only wish you to enjoy the discovery of and adventure with our food and wines. Thank you for having chosen Rome once again and, to everyone, enjoy your stay.

Giuseppe Roscioli

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