It’s finally summer. Holidays and some relaxing time off are in the air and our streets are being filled with this summer breeze replacing traffic, and while the heat forces us to face the extraordinary adventure of discovering the city of Rome with a compulsory bottle of water in our hand, we long for a refreshing break by the sea side. This isn’t impossible in our city though. In fact, our city is one of the happy few where you can transform an artistic and cultural city trip into a nice beach experience. It’s not well-known to many which progress the accommodation facilities have been making throughout the years at ‘the beach of Rome’. Today we can state proudly that there’s plentiful of possibilities. In less than a one-hour-drive one can reach easily both Ostia and Fregene, which have modern beach facilities, restaurants on the beach, possibilities to practise water sports, meanwhile, at only a few kilometers to the south, one can find Anzio and the Pontina coast with its islands full of flags or ‘Bandiere Blu della Fee’. Moreover, these are available in 9 locations in the whole region of the Bracciano lake. In conclusion, whether it’s a day at the beach, only an aperitif, a dinner by the sea with an enchanting view or even a longer stay of a few nights, the beach of Rome offers in every case its visitors the possibility to combine and switch between monuments, churches, museums and historical remains on one hand, and a completely different vacation experience, on the other hand. You must see and try it, to become a believer. So I wish you, besides a beautiful sightseeing of the Eternal City, an exciting discovery of the Roman coast. Thank you for choosing Rome, wishing you a wonderful time.

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