The warm season wakes up and thanks to more light rays and the more pleasant nights with better temperatures the possibilities of enjoying the many charming aspects of Rome are truly amplified. In a month that goes from the 1st May concert to the Tennis Internationals, it is a continuous succession of events able to satisfy all tastes, now the city hotels are proposing a different and always surprising point of view on Roman beauty. In fact, it is in May that the famous Roman terraces finally become fully usable, often celebrated over the decades even by the cinema (from “La terrazza” by Scola to “La grande bellezza” by Sorrentino). Walking through the streets of the Capital, it is not always possible to see them by looking upwards, hidden as they are by the dense skyline of the buildings, but on top of many of our hotels, invariably hidden by spectacular patches of color composed by flowers and plants, yet you’ll find some of the most prestigious and spectacular cocktail bars and restaurants in the city (and the world), very often directly overlooking the historical and archaeological sites that have made Rome famous in every corner of the globe throughout the centuries. This is the best time, in a nutshell, for visitors and also for citizens, to enjoy unforgettable gourmet food and wine experiences with a privileged view on the best of the last two millennia of architecture; because the roofs of Rome are really an uncommon emotion when spring blossoms. This is then followed by an invitation to try an unprecedented Roman tour in search of panoramic hotel terraces throughout the city: a single visit might not be enough to complete it, and it would be another good reason to come back completing it next year.

Finally, I would only like to wish you a wonderful sight also from high places. Thank you for choosing Rome and a happy journey to you all.


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