Slowly autumn has arrived to the city and has started to get us ready for Christmas, the showcases are being set up, cafés and restaurants (especially those of the hotels always getting better) are increasing their offer and the lights are turning into warmer shades. After a full day of strolling through the city, at this moment when the climate starts to kick in, it’s like coming home. This is exactly what we, the ones who live hospitality with passion, want for you: to offer our guests a sense of warmth and family far beyond hotel facilities and just by entering into the lobby, it has the capacity to make us feel good. The centenary tradition of hospitality of Rome where the pilgrims and the travellers have had their place, the capital towards every road leads and where visitors become real ‘temporary citizens’. A concept, the latter, which we fully continue to obey to and which we’ll try to defend especially during this month and which we will work on in an important summit with the united operators with the institutions and stakeholders: The United States of Tourism. It’s not a public event but it’s worth mentioning to whom has chosen our hotels and our efforts, also as a category, it comes down to: to work to improve the hospitality of Rome in every aspect and to make the visitor feel as a citizen of the city both at arrival as at departure. With the not so secret hope that this feeling turns into homesickness triggering the visitor to come back to be once more a real part of the city.

Thank you for choosing Rome and a happy stay to all of you.


Giuseppe Roscioli

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