Viale Pietro de Coubertin, 30. For information and the complete programme: Tel. 0680241281.

Scheduled this month:

  • 17 March at 9 p.m. Sala Sinopoli: “Teresa De Sio”. Teresa De Sio presents the “Puro Desiderio” at the Auditorium, the new album that marks the transition into a new era of the artist’s creativity.
    Admission: from €20 to €30.
  • 20 March at 9 p.m. Sala Sinopoli: “Sergio Cammariere”. Sergio Cammariere returns to the Auditorium with a unique evening to rediscover the taste of great music and unlimited and timeless sound trips.
    Admission: from €30.50 to €43.50.
  • 27 March at 9 p.m. Sala Sinopoli: “Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Perroni and the Social Band. Radio2 SocialClub”. On stage as in radio Luca Barbarossa and Andrea Perroni with his characters, the music of Stefano Cenci’s Social Band and the extraordinary singing performances of Frances Alina Ascione.
    Admission: from €20 to €25 + presale.

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