A historic wine shop, with its bistro and starred restaurant, a few minutes away from the Palazzo Montecitorio. “Achilli al Parlamento”, has been located in via dei Prefetti since 1970, today proudly presents a winery with at least 4.000 labels and a starred chef, Massimo Viglietti, who with his winning signature of anarchist cuisine challenges the classic elegance of the premises. The contrast between his punk-rock style and tradition gets in perfect balance with his dishes. “I like to innovate, starting from tradition” – says Viglietti. “I want to break the mold and amaze. Among the appetizers and desserts, I create a revolution, reconciling the sweet with the salty. My sweets are not that sweet because I try to activate all the senses, with a little touch of design. Like a song by Tom Waits or Pearl Jam, I perform moods.” The Enoteca combines past, present and future driven by the unconventional talent of Viglietti, from the tradition of the Achilli family and their cellar, with labels sought among the best national and foreign wineries, as well as a collection of Cognac and Armagnac with vintages from the 1800s. All these selected products, with the accuracy of Gianfranco Achilli who in 1970, together with his wife Bianca, have brought to life this empire of taste, in the center of Rome. Attention and care have been held today by their daughter Cinzia and her husband Daniele Tagliaferri.

ACHILLI AL PARLAMENTO. Via Prefetti, 15. Opening hours: from 9.30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Information and reservations: Wineshop Tel. 066873446 – Restaurant Tel. 0686761422.


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