GIARDINI DELLA FILARMONICA ROMANA. Via Flaminia, 118. For information and reservations: Tel. 063201752.

A Sunday with Bach: on 19 May in the Gardens of the Roman Philharmonic the end of the season in the name of the Leipzig Kantor, between music and storytelling, to discover an unexplored and little known side of Bach.
A small musical marathon from 3 p.m. to the evening, a roundup of six touring concerts dedicated to different musical instruments: harpsichord, violin, cello, flute and piano. The protagonists will be young musicians coordinated by Giovanni Bietti, a popular Rai popularizer and radio voice, who will weave the strings of a story that will lead listeners to the discovery of an unpublished Bach.

From 15 to 17 May there will also be the Valentino Bucchi Award for musical interpretation in Sala Casella.

The event, now in its 38th edition, will award the best music performers exclusively from the repertoire between the historical twentieth century and the contemporary period. The final part, open to everyone, will be held in Sala Casella on Friday, 17 May at 8.30 p.m.

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